Nov. 1st, 2005 07:41 am
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The new way of attempting to find enough hours in the day involves getting into work at 7.30, so I can work in peace for an hour before the college day kicks off. This is day 2 of the experiment. I'm very tired.
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You know what I'd *really* like to be? A vicar. Getting up on frosty Sunday morings to open the church. Organising jumble sales. Cycling round my parish to administer the word of the Lord and receive tea. Visiting the sick. Giving entertaining yet thought provoking sermons. Running funky outreach programmes to show just how trendy the church is. Being calm and serene. I could do all that, except of course for being an atheist, which is a bit of a nuisance really.

Or being Listwriter General. Being in charge of all the lists that need to be written and writing them. And then writing an index which lists where the lists can be found.

Organising things. Writing itineraries.

Starting a vegetarian winery.

Owning a vegetarian B&B in Orkney, with a little workshop attached for Simon's silversmith business, and an attic for me to write in.

Lots of whimsical ideas, but probably on a more practical level...

Something where I would not have to move house right now.

Something that isn't really related to education or I'm probably better off sticking with what I'm doing now.

Something that doesn't involve costly retraining.

Preferably something where I earn my age in thousands, although I suspect that unless I stop getting any older that's going to get increasingly difficult.

I suppose one option might be to drop down to part time at work, and supplement it by doing exam marking and suchlike. It's something I could find out a little more about.
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...suggest a (suitable and sensible) alternative career for someone with a IIi English degree, and 10 years teaching experience.
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Its off to work we go...


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