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Photos may even be up later this evening...

Last Thursday, we were making our way to the Brough of Deerness, when I spotted a cat in the carpark. Not unusual as there are quite a few farm cats who wander around. Then I saw a kitten. In fact, in the corner of the carpark was cardboard box, and as well as the cat, there were *four* kittens. A group of American tourists, who had been fussing them, blithely infomed us that they were feral cats and survived on scraps from the tourists in the carpark. The mother was very thin, and two of the kittens looked as if they had cat flu’ – one kitten quite badly. How people can fuss over ‘cute’ animals and stroke them and not notice the condition they’re in I’m not sure, but the Americans didn’t seem to think that there was anthing wrong with a nursing mother and four sick kittens living in a cardboard box in a carpark. Heigh ho.

The problem with not knowing an area at all, is not knowing where to take the animals to, but when we got back to the cottage, I found the Scottish SPCA's phone number and gave them a call, trying to explain their location to someone else who didn't know Orkney at all with the aid of an OS map. She's said they'd send someone out, and that was that.

I had been thinking about them this week, so looked up the local SSPCA's number in Orkney and left a message. Have just got back from riding to find a message from the inspector to say that the kittens were collected last Thursday evening and put on a ferry to the Caithness centre, where they're all doing well.

Might give the centre a ring over the weekend to ask how they're doing and enquire about sending a donation.

Hurrah for rescued kittens!
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That this is the view from your garden. This was our view last week.

view from our garden
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Just got back from Orkney. Knackered. Bloody fabulous place. More on that perhaps tomorrow. Tonight food and beer. If something important has been uttered on LJ, please point me in its direction as 10 days is a long time in LJ land (or just let me know in a sentence what you've been up to this past week and a half)...


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