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As usual many thank to [ profile] holaholaamigos for having us, and Happy Birthday to [ profile] baloobas, [ profile] eddy_ and [ profile] ephraim, hope everyone had a good night.

DJing always leaves me feeling a bit puzzled at the end of it. Why, for example does the dancefloor fill for the dire 1992 version of Temple of Love, then empty for The Mission's Deliverance, which is a far superior song? Why does nobody dance to The Nephilim, who were probably the most innovative and definitive goth band ever? Why is the floor empty for 51st State, but then they pack it out for Vagabonds less than an hour later? And *why* do I have to play The Cr├╝xshadows Deception *again* to get people back on? Still, someone had plugged a microphone in so I'm not complaining, as I got to shout out to the birthday massives, introduce 'Can't Take My Eyes Off you with "And here's one for you you *lovers* out there", and end the night with "Now go home and await further instructions."

I enjoyed it mostly, doing the usual forcing people to listen to stuff I think they *should* have to listen to at the beginning of the night, before having to throw in the tired old Sisters offering at the end. I managed to squeeze Motorhead in too, so that's always a bonus. Unfortunately one of the CD players had absolutely no display whatsoever - no track, no little numbers, no indication that it was paused and ready, not even a sign that it was actually on - its blank face mocking my obessive compulsive DJ idiosyncrasies. It was like staring into the cold, blank face of Death. You also had to cue it up by pressing pause, and then *play* rather than back, and then *pause* again to make it start. Which would have been even more confusing if I hadn't written it on a piece of paper and propped it on top of the deck.

"DJ roulette", as [ profile] lupercal said.

I'm prone to stress about stuff at the best of times, so I was quite phased about it until I'd calmed my nerves sufficiently with medicinal lager. [ profile] lupercal takes these things in his stride far better than me, but he is a seasoned pro.

Anyway, the setlists - [ profile] lupercal's far more polished and professional than mine:Read more... )


Jul. 14th, 2005 08:58 am
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Setlist Stigmartyr - 14 July 2005
Reiterating [ profile] lupercal's thanks to [ profile] thehappygoth for having us, and to everyone else who came down.

Was a bit of an odd night for me. Quite quiet down there, considering it was the last one, and all - possibly we'd hoped it would be a little busier, as the fewer people there are, the less of an idea whether they're going to actually like anything you play.

I was also *absolutely* exhausted. All my own fault, of course. Had the Department end of year meal the night before, and drank a little too much wine. Teaching at 8.30 yesterday morning...Consequently, I had a real job actually *deciding* what to play, and remembering what I had queued, and which little drawer it was in...and keeping my eyes open too actually. Managed to get distracted and totally fuck up the beginning of Poison Street by fading the cross-fader the *wrong* way (one of the problems with not knowing your left from your right unless you think about it *very* carefully), so was extremely annoyed by that.

Apologies to anyone if I seemed a little anti-social last night. I'm afraid I was just too tired to be able to listen to what anyone was saying. But here's what we played, anyway:Read more... )
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Although when it comes to it, you only manage to play half of the tracks you wanted to - I didn't get to play Alabama 3's I'm Johnny Cash for example... Oh - I was a bit rusty, it being a while and all that...tracklist here )

In short, quite a few people said some nice stuff about what we played, which was great. So if anyone would like us to play anywhere else, just ask, as it was rather good fun :)
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Well, I'm going to be DJing Saturday night, which should be an interesting experience, as it's been so long that I no longer remember how to drive the slidy things.

It also looks as if we're going to be DJing to one first year student and maybe a dog as most people we know have other plans.

Is anyone actually considering going to SNFNGS on Saturday? Would be comforting to know there were at least a couple of people of whom I had some sort of handle on their musical tastes...


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