Jun. 7th, 2008

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Well, actually I don't.

If you see this, and there isn't a post that follows in a couple of minutes time then you'll probably discover I've removed you from my friends list.

It's *really* nothing personal. It's for one of the following reasons...

  • I don't think you're reading my LJ at all - this isn't a vindictive "Ah! You don't read me so I shall remove you!". I just kind of want to know who I'm talking to in a way - and if I'm not talking to you, then I might as well be realistic about it. It could be that you don't read often, but pop by every now and again, if so then let me know - it would be nice if you did as there's a couple of people I've removed which has made me a little sad to realise I'm so out of touch with you.

  • I don't think you're reading LJ at all. Full stop. In this case, thinking I'm talking to you on LJ is a stupid idea, and I need to make sure if I need to talk to you, I talk to you in some other way.

  • I just don't know you at all - either IRL or online really - we've never interacted, or haven't done in a long while, and this is a journal rather than a blog, and I want to keep it with people who I feel I know.

  • And then there are a couple of names I've removed because they're not there anymore. Difficult one, really, but it's possibly best to remember folks in a different way.

    If I am bad and wrong to have taken you off, give me a shout.
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